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We are not your typical property manager.

Most renters at one point in their life have had a negative experience with a property management company.  We have had our fair share also.  Have you ever had your furnace break down when it's -20 degree outside, only to have the property management company ignore your pleas for several days?  We have.  We have also had our deposits outright stolen from us for no good reason.  We started Ridgleline beacuse we believe people deserve to be treated fairly.  They deserve to have maintenance concerns taken care of immediately and their deposits returned in a fair and timely manner.  We work for YOU, not just the property owners.


We work with prospective tenants one on one. Every rental applications we receive is considered on a case by case basis, not just some number on your credit report.  Unlike other rental companies who may take10 applications at a time for one property ( Just to pocket the application fee ), we only process one application at a time for each property we manage.  Additionally, our application and screening process only takes a few minutes and is provided by a third party service - we do not profit in any way when you apply for a property we manage.  Our team will work hard to get you into your next home.

We also offer online payments and maintenance requests. 


Call, text, or email us.  We're here to help. Our office hours are 8:00am - 10:00pm.




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